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Where to start

Are you eager to get more active users on your MobieTrain platform at the speed of light? We get that, so we'll show you the most simple approach to invite those users right away!

It's as simple as navigating to your user management within the CMS and then choose the self registration option.

Can't see this 'self registration button'? Ask your Customer Succes Manager to activate this feature for you.

What does it do?

The magic of the self registration link is that you don't need to know who exactly will be registering. So you don't need a list of all the e-mail addresses of those users in order to invite them to MobieTrain. You just generate a link and then share that link. For example:

  • transform the link to a QR-code and show it in the coffee corners of your stores
  • add the link in a communication app you're already using
  • share the link with a third party like an interim agency

The only thing your future users need to do, is enter their e-mail address and validate it! Then they'll have access to your MobieTrain account. If you also want them to enter their first and last name upon registration, tick the box in the setup of the link:


Then how can I still segment my users?

Very good question! As an admin, you have an extra power in this feature. While creating the link, you predefine the stores and user groups the user should be added to. That means that every time someone enters the app via this link, that person will be assigned to those user groups and stores!

Moreover, you're always able to see which users have registered via which link in your user management.

You can just click the user icon in the self registration tab, or filter them out in the users tab:

Wow, my user count is on a roll!

If your user count is going up quickly now, that means that the feature is probably doing what it was designed for! Maybe for some reason you do want to limit your user count and feel like its better for some links to stop working. Then you're still in the driver's seat and can simply deactivate the link.

No one will be able to register from then on. All active users will still be able to access your MobieTrain account. Feel free to review and delete them in the user management!

One more point of attention!

By now, it is already clear for you that you can invite new users to your MobieTrain platform via this link.

However, don't hesitate to use it to update existing users as well. Whenever they click the link, the user groups and stores you defined in the link, will be added to their user. To match this, the user will need to enter the same e-mail address on the self registration link as the one linked to their existing user. So if existing users might click the link as well, better cross check if all your users have e-mail addresses within the CMS. 

If you would like to see how it looks like from the end user click here.



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