Is it possible to invite users via sms?


We can invite users to their mobile phone numbers via SMS. You do this from CMS




In CMS you have to go to User management 




In User management, you can open the invite new user tab





When you have opened this Tab you have to fill in the mandatory fields of the form 




The fields you have to fill in are 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile Phone number: the format of the Mobile number has to be "the country code+ XXXXXXXXX"
  • Job Position: optional
  • Company Id  optional
  • Store: this is mandatory if the user has a role as a manager in CMS. When the user's role is Manager in CMS and the store is not filled in, the user will be blocked when logging in for the first time in the app after selecting the language.
  • user group: Here you must enter at least 1 group. If no user group has been entered, the user will not see any learning content when he logs in to the Mobietrain app
  • Role

The last thing we have to do before pressing the invite button is to select the language in which we select the user and the user agreement.




Now, all we have to do is press the invite button.




The invited user will now receive a text message on his mobile phone number.





In this text message, you will find the link to register for the Moietrain app. A next article will be explained how you can register.








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