Playing SCORM Packages

What can be expected?

  • Administrators are able to upload and remove SCORM packages in the CMS.

  • Administrators are able to set up which users have access to which SCORM package, based on their User Groups.

  • Administrators are able to place the SCORM packages in different categories, in the App.

  • Administrators will be able to check - through the reports - who finished each SCORM content.

  • In the same way that other Learning Contents, Administrators will be able to have additional information for the content, like a title, a description, how much time it takes to complete, and the objectives of the learning content.

  • App Users are able to play SCORM content.

How does it work?

Once the plug-in is activated, administrators are able to upload SCORM packages, and manage their access, right in the CMS, through the External Content option:

Screenshot 1.png

What are the dependencies?

The account should have the SCORM plug-in activated.


  • Is it possible to edit a SCORM Package in MobieTrain? No. MobieTrain only provides admins the ability to upload, delete the SCORM Packages, and assign them to users, based on User Groups. To edit a SCORM package, you should use SCORM editor.

  • Is it possible to see the percentage of a SCORM completion? No. We only store if a SCORM content is finished or not, for a given user. The only thing we can report on, is if the user already started that given content.

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