Self registration - An introduction


What is it?

As an admin, you can easily create a link within the MobieTrain CMS. Share that link with your potential users and they can register themselves quickly by entering their e-mail address.

You as an admin have the superpower to predefine to which content these users will have access to. Admins can add stores and user groups to the registration link, allowing for efficient categorization and management of users. The CMS provides an intuitive overview of self-registered users, granting administrators a comprehensive view of the registered user base.

No need to worry about compliance and user consent either, as user explicitly grant consent to the platform's terms and conditions within this procedure.

By integrating the functionality of passwordless login, the registration process becomes even more convenient, eliminating the need for traditional passwords. This innovative approach offers users a frictionless login experience, while maintaining standards of security and authentication.

In summary, onboarding new users and user management becomes peanuts with self registration.

Why did we build it?

We enabled self registration to turbocharge your MobieTrain launch process! The superpower of this feature lies in swiftly bringing new users onto the platform, ensuring a speedy go-live. We'll have your users soaring through the digital skies in no time, ready to unleash their supercharged potential!


Our ingenious creation significantly reduces the burden on your admin's shoulders when it comes to inviting users manually or setting up integrations. Gone are the days of painstakingly inviting users one by one or grappling with complex integrations. This remarkable innovation empowers the admin to reclaim time and focus on more meaningful endeavors, while our technology takes care of the rest with remarkable efficiency. 


When should you use it ?

This solution is ideally suited for clients who do not have and need a lot of personal data from all their target users.  If you are for example a wholesaler and want to share MobieTrain content with the employees of your retailers, this feature is really meant for you! It can amongst others also help you out in the case you use MobieTrain for preboarding and interim employees.

However, it's crucial to understand that this feature is not ideal for handling confidential or sensitive content. As everyone with this link will be able to access certain content within your account, it is important to exercise caution with whom and where you share it! So while it excels at facilitating certain processes, avoid utilizing it for confidential information that demands enhanced security measures. 

Eager to get more active users on your platform?

Check out how to make it work here.

Available from: August 1st, 2023
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