Self service API's - Getting started


Where to start

Lets say you want to setup a dashboard with your own software, such as PowerBI. You want to include MobieTrain data within this dashboard. 

First of all, you can assess which data MobieTrain has available for you via this link

Does that page looks like Chinese to you? That's normal! This is quite technical documentation, so you'll need a technical colleague that is familiar with setting up API's. Involve the correct technical expert from within your organisation and tell them what you want to achieve.

Someone with the correct expertise can determine if the data you need is indeed available.

How to unlock the door to the golden data

Once you know if the data is available, you also need to be able to access that treasury. This access will be granted to you via a special & secure key! Where can you find this key? Follow us on this API key quest:

If you cannot see this section within your CMS, please contact your MobieTrain Customer Success Manager!

When you do see this section, you can generate a key for every API integration you want to setup with MobieTrain:

Did you notice:

  • The key is to be treated like a password. So save and share it securely!
  • Once you've clicked away from the screen with the key, you will never see that key again. 
  • An expiration date can be set, so the key will stop working at that date. This might be necessary for security purposes as well!

How to manage keys

Within the API key tab, you are always able to find an overview of all active keys.

Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 18.23.10.png

They will stop working on their expiration date. Of course you can also delete them when not necessary anymore. This is how you prevent that data of your MobieTrain account can be accessed or changed without you knowing! 



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