Self service API's - An introduction


What is it?

Welcome to the world of MobieTrain API's, where clients can seamlessly integrate their own software with MobieTrain. These powerful tools serve as a bridge between different systems, unlocking a multitude of possibilities. By utilizing MobieTrain API's, clients can embark on exciting ventures such as reporting and user management, tailoring their MobieTrain experience to their specific needs.

But there's more! To access these API's, clients can generate a unique key within the MobieTrain CMS. This key acts as a password, granting access to their MobieTrain account and its valuable data. Embrace the power of MobieTrain.

Why did we build it?

We built it to empower clients to autonomously set up a wide range of integrations with MobieTrain. Now, clients have the freedom to seamlessly connect MobieTrain with their preferred systems and tools as they wish. This newfound autonomy grants clients greater flexibility and control over their integration processes, allowing them to tailor MobieTrain to their unique requirements and seamlessly incorporate it into their existing workflows. By putting the power of integration in the hands of our clients, we enable them to maximize the value and potential of MobieTrain in a way that best suits their needs.


When should you use it ?

MobieTrain API's are ideal when you've decided to integrate MobieTrain with other software solutions. In this exciting moment, it is advisable to involve your technical point of contact for the respective software. They can navigate the API documentation provided by MobieTrain, enabling smooth integration. Once familiar with the documentation, the next step is generating the necessary keys within the MobieTrain CMS.

It's important to note that these API keys provide access to the data within your MobieTrain account. Therefore, handle them with the utmost confidentiality and security, just as you would with a password. By safeguarding these keys, you ensure the protection of your valuable MobieTrain data, enhancing overall integration security. 

How does it work ?

Welcome to the inner workings of MobieTrain API's! It all begins with an activated feature, igniting a pathway to integration possibilities. Administrators, equipped with their CMS powers, can seamlessly request API access from within the CMS itself. This hidden passage opens up a world of integration opportunities.

But wait, there's more! Administrators have the ability to control access duration by setting an expiration date for API access. They act as timekeepers, ensuring access remains within desired boundaries. Within the CMS, administrators gain a comprehensive overview of all active API integrations, akin to a grand map of interconnected pathways.

Administrators have the authority to disable specific API access, their role is to ensure the security and stability of the system. Through their actions, administrators can carefully control and manage API usage, exercising their ultimate authority to maintain a secure environment for integration.

So, let the tools activate, administrators rise, and the magic of MobieTrain API's begin! Together, they create a harmonious symphony of connectivity, granting you control, flexibility, and endless possibilities. Let the integration adventure unfold! 

Eager to get started?

Here is how you can set up this feature for your MobieTrain account!

Available from: August 1st, 2023

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