Custom integrations - Do you want more?


Is there another way that might help your employees to access knowledge in their flow of work? Did you expect an integration that was not in MobieTrain's standard integration list?
Just like your frontline employees, we are always learning & improving, so new integrations are added to MobieTrain's roadmap each quarter. 

If you want to submit an idea yourself, you are more than welcome! How can you do that? 

Brief the requirements and involve all stakeholders

Let's get visual, visual! Start with - preferably a visual - briefing of what you want to achieve with the integration and especially why. What's in it for you and your employees? To whom do you brief that? Surely involve your customer success manager at MobieTrain and also check with the IT team of the other software you are trying to integrate. The sooner the correct stakeholders are involved, the smoother your preferred integration will come to live!

Participate into the solution discovery

When you have submitted your proposal, MobieTrain will analyse your requirements. We will then explore a high-level solution together with you.

In this phase, we will be needing your and probably your IT departments' time. It might even be necessary to allocate some time of other software partners you work with. 

During this phase, all parties will be required:

  • to share documentation on the way of working of their IT systems 
  • to attend workshops for clarification & elaboration

Based on our experience, we aim for 3 workshops to have the necessary details figured out.

Wait for the roadmap

Once the preferred solution is clear, MobieTrain's product team will evaluate the proposal in terms of match with the product's strategy, market needs and feasibility. In case of a 'go', it will be planned and added to MobieTrain's roadmap.

Start the implementation

When planned, the Engineering team of MobieTrain starts building the solution. It might be possible that your IT team or software partner will also need to make some adjustments at that time, in order to make the integration work. 

Test it out

We test out our software of course and strongly advise that all parties get involved in testing the entire integration. This ensures that issues are tackled immediately. Moreover, we like to get confirmed that the solutions works as agreed for everyone.

Having read all this, it might not be a surprise that it takes at least one quarter from the moment you submit your briefing until the solution is implemented.

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