External learning content - An introduction


Have you started your MobieTrain journey and now you are thinking: Who is going to create learning content continuously to keep my employees engaged on the platform?

Well, perhaps you already have a lot of learning content available that you can reuse! MobieTrain offers several possibilities to convert existing learnings of different formats into actual MobieTrain content. 

In case you use(d) other learning platforms, such as an LMS, chances are high that this tool supports MobieTrain's standard LTI integration. Learn more about this integration here.

Next to a learning content integration, MobieTrain provides other possibilities to make external learning content available within MobieTrain:

  • Mobie: Mobie is an A.I. powered chatbot, that memorizes all documents you upload and then answers your employees questions based on the uploaded knowledge.
  • A.I. assisted content creation: our A.I. assists you with quickly creating learning content out of documents, such as corporate presentations in PowerPoint, brochures in Word, company policies in PDF and others.
  • Scorm: if another learning platform you use, is not compatible with LTI, it might be with Scorm. Within MobieTrain, it is possible to upload Scorm packages and display that learning content in MobieTrain directly.
  • External content behind a tile: if you have a link to an online resource such as a website, you can add this to your employees learning home screen!

The options above are not considered an integration. However, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or click the corresponding links to find out more, as this might as well cover your needs to convert learning content into actionable knowledge for your frontline employees!

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