Mobie the A.I. Assistant


What is it?

Mobie is an A.I. assistant that your employees can chat with. From within the app, the employee can ask a question and Mobie will respond based on the knowledge base that you provided.

Why did we build it?

You probably have a set of documents with knowledge that your employees need to access. How do you share that documentation with them? How do you ensure that they find the correct info on the correct moment?

Mobie gives your employees the possibility to ask questions on those documents without having to scan endless documents or taking time from other colleagues with more expertise on the subject.

When should you use it?

This feature is useful if you have a lot of well structured, textual documentation like presentations, brochures, policies. The chances are that these documents don’t need to be converted into actual learning content. Uploading the knowledge into Mobie’s memory is then a good alternative to share it with your employees.

Keep in mind that Mobie:

  • is only able to read text for now. Images and videos cannot be added to his knowledge base (yet).
  • is A.I. based technology. Nor we nor you can control the exact answers that Mobie will give. Consider well which type of info you want to provide to Mobie and which content is better suited to make actual learning content for.
  • only uses the documents you have uploaded and is not getting information from the internet (such as ChatGPT).

Eager to get this new feature on your platform?

Mobie needs to be enabled by your Customer Success Manager. Please get in contact to start working with your A.I. assistant. Want to see it in action before you are rolling it out to your entire organization? No problem, you can!
Read here how Mobie works!

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