Reporting API's


What is it

Within MobieTrain's standard dashboard, you can access the key metrics for the performance of your employees within the application.

However, we do understand that you might have more specific reporting needs. Therefore, you can request very specific, raw data that is not represented in the dashboard.

This additional data can be extracted via the reporting API's. 

What is in this report

There are over 20 different reports that you can generate. To help you find out which report you need, get in touch with your internal IT pal. Why? Because you can find an overview of all possible reports here. For a lot of people, this document might look like Chinese. A technical colleague, who is familiar with API's however, should be able to transform that documentation into actual reports. 

How to get there

So once you have your IT buddy involved, tell them what MobieTrain reports you are looking for and share the page with possible reports with them. Then they will ask you for access to the data within your MobieTrain account. This can be retrieved by following these steps

What to expect next

From then on, your IT colleague should be able to make the necessary configurations to extract reports. Most reports can be downloaded directly, e-mailed or imported into another system, such as a BI-tool. It all depends on however and wherever you want to build your report!

Have fun with the data analysis!



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