How to sign up with an invitation via email?


This invitation email comes from, so make sure to check your spam/unwanted email box if you’re still waiting for an invitation!


You just received an email that invites you to register for MobieTrain.

Now, just click on the ‘Register’-button to get started!

Just follow the steps in the video below to login, and save the website as an app-like button on your homescreen:

Remember: your username is the email address with which your registered. Your password is the one you chose upon registration, OR you can choose to login without a password, with a magic link.

Already have an account, but didn’t save the app on your homescreen?

You can always login via the link below on your smartphone / tablet / desktop:

Or scan this QR-code:


We recommend to use Google Chrome or Safari (iPhone) for the best user experience! But we also support the browsers Firefox and Microsoft Edge (NO Internet Explorer!).

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