How can we upload the CSV file


When you have to create one user it is no problem to do this manually. When you have to create for example a list of 50 users we have the possibility to upload a CSV file. The Upload of the CSV file creates the list of users automatically. In the Video, you can find below we explain how to upload the CSV file.



if it is still not clear after watching this video, you can find a more detailed explanation here.You can create the list of users in two ways:

  • create anonymous users
  • create the users using an email invitation

1) Create anonmous users

To create the anonymous users, the following mandatory fields must be filled in

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job Position
  • Store
  • User group
  • Role

To be sure you have filled in all the mandatory fields we have create a template 




Your customer success manager can provide you with this template. The easiest way is to open a second Excel sheet in addition to the template. If you have filled in the mandatory fields of users to be created, you can copy the lines to the second excel. The first 3 lines of the template are never copied along



when you have copied the lines of the users to be created, you must save this sheet. It is important that this is saved under the CSV-UTF8 format.
Once you have prepared and saved the CSV file you can start uploading this CSV. You have to do this in CMS "
In CMS "" you have to navigate to user management.In user management, you have to select the Upload CSV button.
In the Upload CSV window, you have to decide if you want to create anonymous users or invited users. You have to select the file you want to upload to create the users. You can do this by selecting the browse button and navigating to the file location of the file you want to upload.
in this example, we want to create anonymous users by the CSV upload so we have to select the "Let the system create a username and password no invitations are sent " check box.
Once you have selected the check box to create the anonymous users and you have accepted the user agreement by selecting the checkbox you can click on Submit.
After you have clicked on the submit button you will receive a list of passwords and usernames of the new users who are created.
In case the users will not receive an invitation mail in their mailbox. If you want the users to receive an invitation by mail you have to choose to create invited users. To create the invited users you also have to start with the preparation of the CSV file. The mandatory fields that have to be filled in are : 
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Job Position
  • Store ref code
  • User group
  • Language of invitation
  • Role 

After you have filled in all the mandatory fields you can copy this line to a second excel sheet and save this file as a CSV-UTF8 file.




Unlike when creating anonymous users, the check box next to " Let the system create username and password, NO invitations are sent." not be selected. When you accept the end user agreement by selecting the check box you can press the Submit button after you also have selected the  CSV file you want to upload.




After you have clicked on the Submit button invitation mail will be sent to your mailbox 




the account also is visible in CMS under user management in the invited user's tab




The user stays in this tab as long the user is not registered for a maximum of 60  days. The registration of the user will be explained in the next article.











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