How can I certify a crash course/learning path?


1) Certifying a learning path

When you want to certify a training or a crash course you have to navigate to CMS at the address bar of an internet browser. 




Once you have opened CMS you have to navigate to the learning paths.





When you have arrived at learning paths you have to open  the learning path/crash course you want to certify




First, could you check if the learning path is published? If the learning path is published, you must unpublish it before you can certify the learning path. To unpublish the learning path you must click on the unpublish button.




Once the learning path/crash course is unpublished you can start to certify. 

To certify the learning path, click on the arrow next to publish and select certify from the dropdown list. When you have clicked on certify a popup appears from which you have to accept the consequences of certifying a learning path




Once you have accepted these consequences the learning path is certified. Now you can publish the learning path again.

2 )Tips and tricks

  • You can recognize a certified learning path/crash course in CMS in the following way. You can see the learning oath cooking the best lasagna is certified




  • Once a learning path has been certified, you cannot change it and you cannot delete it
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