How can I add a Newsfeed?


The newsfeed can be used to inform users, for example, by sharing interesting novelties or company news, etc. Or it can serve to launch a poll, like for example: “What’s your opinion on X?” – option a, b, c, or d.

1) Creating a new newsfeed (in the CMS)

Open the newsfeed tab in the MobieTrain CMS. Click on ‘Add news item’ to create a new news item. Now, the following pop-up screen will appear, where you can choose between:

  • Text
  • Poll




With the text option, you can explain certain topics, share some novelties within the company, or even announce upcoming events. Whatever you like!


1.1) Adding a text item to the newsfeed



If you choose the text option, you will find two Tabs.


1.1.1) Content Tab


In the Content Tab, you need to fill in the...


  • Title: Name of the newsfeed
  • Subtitle: here you can give a more detailed description of the topic you want to discuss in this newsfeed
  • Description: here you can explain the topic you want to discuss in this newsfeed
  • Media: here you can upload an image or video to go with your text




1.1.2) Users Tab


In the user's tab, you can define which users can see the newsfeed. This depends on which group they have been added to. 




In our example, users added to the Event Group can view the Newsfeed. You can select the user group from the drop-down list.




When you have filled everything in, remember to save and publish the event!




1.2) Adding a poll to the newsfeed

With the Poll functionality, you can publish polls on the newsfeed about, for example, how users experienced a particular learning path, what the topic of the following training should be, or when and where the next team building event should take place. Users can express their preferences by voting for their favorite option in the MobieTrain app.




1.2.1) Content Tab


Behind the content tab, you will find the editing window, where you can fill in...

  • Title: the name you want to give the poll
  • Media: here you can upload an image or video to accompany your poll
  • Poll options: here you must give the different answer options users can vote for



1.2.2) Users Tab

In the Users tab, you can define which users can see the Poll. In our example.




In our example, the users added to the Events Group can see the Poll. You can select this group from the drop-down.




When you have completed the mandatory fields, you are ready to publish the poll!




In the CMS you can also see how many people have liked the poll or the text item on the newsfeed please note that liking is not the same as voting on a poll!




To see how many people voted on a poll, you open the published poll in the CMS, and you will now see a third tab, “Responses”, appear. In this Tab, you can consult the poll results. In the example below, 1 user has voted for a "Trip with the scooters" and 1 user has voted "trip with the bike".




You can also share these results by clicking the ‘share results’ button.




To share the results, you have to fill in the mandatory fields again...

  • Title: name of the poll
  • Subtitle: for example, ‘Results are in!’
  • Description: explain which choice has won, for example




Now, click on “Publish Results”.




When clicking on “Publish Results”, a pop-up window will appear to make sure the poll can be closed.




Once you’ve clicked on “Share Poll”, you will see a green message that the results have successfully been shared.




2) Viewing the newsfeed (in the app)


Log in to the MobieTrain app by entering your username and password.




You will now notice that the envelope in the menu at the bottom has a red dot; this means at least 1 new news feed is available to you.




If you click on the envelope icon, the newsfeed will open, and you will see the latest newsfeed items. You can like a text newsfeed item or poll by clicking on the ‘thumbs up’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner.




Click on the newsfeed item to read it in full.





You can also submit your vote if it’s a poll.





If it’s poll, you can vote by selecting one of the options and clicking submit.




Published results of polls look like this in the app:





3) Tips & Tricks

  • Once you have published the newsfeed, you cannot unpublish it anymore, but you can delete it.
  • Once you have published the newsfeed, you cannot edit it anymore. If you want to edit something, you have to delete it and start over / make a new one.
  • You must add a minimum of 2 choices in a Poll with a maximum of 5.


4) Troubleshooting

1) De title ca,n not be empty

This error message means that the title or subtitle is not filled in.




2) The description cannot be empty


This error message means that the description field is not filled in.





3) I don’t see the newsfeed in the app

  • This could mean that you might have forgotten to click 'publish' in the CMS.
  • This could mean that you forgot to add user groups to the newsfeed. You can add user groups via the Users Tab.
  • This could mean that the user you are logging in with has not been added to the correct user group to view the newsfeed.


In the example below, you can see that you must be a member of the Events group to be able to see the newsfeed Content.
















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