How can I add a new event?


1) Event planning.

Event planning is a feature in the MobieTrain CMS “https//” that can be easily used to organize and communicate physical(learning) events. To create a new event, click on the tab "Event Planning"  and you will find the following screen.




To add a new event, click on ‘Add new event’ and choose your default language from the dropdown menu.




Now, you must click on ‘Add new event’ again. Next, you will arrive at the screen to edit the event:




Content Tab


2.1) Event editing:

  • Title: here you can enter the name of the event.
  • Duration: this is how long the event will last.
  • Description: here you can give a short description of the event.
  • Objectives: here you can explain what your audience is expected to have learned/remembered after the event.

2.2) Event avatar:


Here you can upload a picture that represents the event. This picture will also be shown in the MobieTrain app.




2.3) Icon Color:


This is where you can change the color of the Icons.


2.4) Event Options


2.4.1) Event text


Here, you can give specific information about the event, for example, the location, how to get there by train or car, where to park, etc.


2.4.2) Event options (sessions)


  • In this section, you can suggest different dates for the event. If interested, we can then indicate in the MobieTrain app which date they will attend.
  • You can also specify how many spots are available per session. Users can then see in the MobieTrain app how many spots are still available on the desired date.
  • You must add at least 1 session with a maximum of 10.




2.5) Users

In this tab, you will define which users will be invited to the event. Only the users added to the user group will receive the invitation to the event.

How to create user groups will be explained in user management.

2.6) Categories

In this tab, you can define in which category the event will appear in the MobieTrain app. When you link it to the ‘Cooking’ category, for example, this is how it will look in the app:




2.7) Language


This is the tab you use to add languages. As you can see, English is locked.




That is because, for this example, we chose English as the default language at the start of the process. But here, you can add other languages as well.




Just click on ‘Add new language’, select another language from the dropdown menu, for example, Dutch, and click on ‘Create Language’. Now, you can either translate the text yourself, directly in the CMS on the right-hand side, OR you can take an export of the text and send it to a translation agency to translate it for you.




To create the file for the translation agency, you need to export the language to a CSV file.



When you receive the translated CSV file back from the translation agency, you can import it into the CMS, press save, and then you will be able to see the Dutch language (in our example) in the app.


A second option to do is that you add the translated text manually




2.8) Responses


In this tab, you can check how many people have accepted the invitation and how many spots are still available. You can see this per session that you have created. In the example below, we have created 3 sessions.


For session 1, for example, so far 1 person has accepted and 149 out of 150 spots are still available.




If you want, you can export this result to an excel file:




For session 1, one person has also accepted, which means 149 out of 150 spots are still available for this session:




Again, you can export the result of the responses to an excel file if you like:




For the third session, we had 150 seats available, and as you can see, no one has accepted/ subscribed yet, so that means there are 150 seats left.




2.9.1 Cancellations


Behind this tab, you will find cancellations. This means that invited users had first accepted the invitation, but then changed their minds.




In our example, you can see that 3 invited users have canceled their subscriptions for the second session. You can also export this result to an excel file if needed.




2.9.2 Confirmations

This is the tab where you can find the invited users who have accepted their invitations.

In our example, 1 invited user has accepted the first session:




Again, these results can be exported to an excel file:




3) New event in the MobieTrain app

Provided you have been added to the appropriate user groups, you will find the new event in the MobieTrain app. 

Open your internet browser and navigate to After entering your username and password (just log in business as usual), you should be able to see the new event on the homepage – again, provided you have been added to the correct user groups.




When you open the event, you will see the different options/sessions and you can accept one of them:





Once you have accepted one of the sessions, you can also add this appointment to your calendar. You can even select in which calendar you want to add the appointment.







When you have selected your calendar, you will see the appointment appear in your calendar.




If you want to cancel the event, log back into the MobieTrain app “”, go to the event, and click on ‘cancel registration’.




If you click on cancel the registration, you must confirm that you want to cancel the registration. The appointment will also now disappear from your calendar.



4) Tips & tricks

  • If you don’t add an avatar to your event, it will appear as a black square in the MobieTrain app. So, always upload an avatar to make it look nice in the app. The event will appear with the picture under the category to which you have linked the event. For example:


  • The little square with a circle indicates that this is a live event that you must physically attend.




5) Troubleshooting


5.1) “Title” is not allowed to be empty:


This error message indicates that you forgot to give your event a title/name.




5.2) “SessionForUpsert” failed custom validation because ER-40100: Session “spaghetti evening 2023 end date must be greater than the start date.


This error message means that you have set the start date of the session option to a later date than the end date, which is not possible.




5.3) SessionForUpsert” failed custom validation because ER-40113: Session “spaghetti evening 2023 Start/end date must be greater than the start date.


This error message means that the end time is earlier than the start time. You must set the event end

time later than the start time.




5.4) I have logged on to the Mobietrain app, but I cannot see the event



If you are logged into the MobieTrain app but do not see the event, there are three possible causes:


5.4.1) There is no user group added to the event


You must add a user group to the event under the ‘users’ tab:




5.4.2) The user is not added to the correct user group


When the user group – in this case, ‘Event’ - is added to the event but the user you use to log in to the MobieTrain app ( is not added to this group, it means you will not see the event in the app. To solve this, you must add the user to this user group.


5.4.3) The event is not published


You must publish the event for it to be visible in the app:




6) Frequently asked questions


1) Can I delete an event?


You can delete an event if no one has responded to the sessions (accepted or canceled).


2) Can I delete a session?


If no one has responded to a particular session, you can delete or modify it (for example, you can change the available seats or the date.)


3) Can I add sessions after someone has accepted a session?


You can add sessions even if some sessions have already been accepted






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