Release 1.27.2 (2019-04-15)


Bug Fixes

  • Search: Updated the level ranks to the level names
  • EndPopup: Fixed end module popup UI
  • browserDetect: missing app version
  • DragNDropFormat: Fixed font size & click to change feature
  • TipsnTricks: Legacy css rule was impacting media on the tips n tricks
  • Draggable: Updated sensitivity for the draggable format
  • SwipeFormat:
    • minor
    • Minor UI fix
  • DrageableFormat: FIxed UI
  • RankingFormat: Updated icon


  • PathScreen: theme background only in this screen
  • DnD: Added video support to Drag n Drop format
  • SwipeFormat: Updated UI to indicate where to swipe
  • InfoScreen: Added Infoscreen
  • ReorderFormat: Added drag icon to dragable components
  • Icons: Added missing icons
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