Release 0.1.4 (2018-02-21)


Bug Fixes

  • AnimatedPath: fixed skillName fontSize
  • App: new routes config define which routes have auth and navigation
  • Auth: Login, ForgotPassword & ResetPassword minor fixes
  • Badge: enale locked tooltip
  • Badges: remove document listeners on unmount
  • Badges: UI minor fixes
  • Login: added Unauthorized feedback
  • PathScreen: fixed key warnings
  • PathScreen: state was being mutated
  • PathScreen: tipsTricks image URL
  • Profile: real avatar src
  • ProfileHeader: avatar upload preview was missing
  • RadialProgress: added missing keys
  • Settings: avatar image is saved only when changed
  • Settings: Upload & update user avatar


  • Badge: added
  • Badge: added badge banner
  • BadgeBanner: added
  • ForgotPassword: added integration
  • PathScreen: added mediaData to TipsTricks
  • RadialProgress: added
  • ResetPassword: added gql mutation
  • ResetPassword: connected and added feedback
  • Search: added colors by player rank
  • Settings: added settings sagas
  • Settings: API integration
  • Tooltip: added component
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