Release 1.51 (2020-03-13)


Pull Requests

  • feat/MT-1010: add a request to get 'unreadPosts' state
  • feat/MT-1011: add notification dot on newsfeed icon
  • feat/MT-743: Congratulations Pop up - Crash Course
    feat/MT-852: Add topic test in crash course
  • feat/MT-885: add service-worker to handle pwa cache
  • feat/MT-968: add application version
  • feat/MT-991: Aligment of crash course node labels
  • feat/MT-996: (Crash course) add company logo to lower left corner

Bug Fixes

  • feedback:
    • new lines 
    • ie11 cut feedback
    • width on ie11
    • ie11 title
  • skills:
    • locking of module trigger
    • skill and level tests reseted
  • multipleanswers: fix extra padding
  • pathscreen: level refresh test 
  • translations: german translatons fixes
  • register: camera icon on ios
  • videoutils: change request to https
  • crashcourse: fix crashcourse final popup render condition 


  • locales: fix locales naming
  • crashcourse:
    • align label closer to its node
    • add company logo to lower left corner
    • add crash course header
    • fix level & skill tests fetch bug 
    • separate leveltest from skilltest struct 
    • fix pathscreen leveltests onmount 
  • infoscreen: add application version
  • newsfeed:
    • poll answering on feed 
    • support multiple video thumbnail providers
    • video url parser and comment changes
  • version: bump 
  • yesorno: translate true false
  • bottomnavigation:
    • add a request to get 'unreadPosts' state
    • add notification dot on newsfeed icon
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