Release 1.50 (2020-02-28)


Pull Requests

  • feat/MT-583: search multiple videos in video & text formats
  • feat/MT-866: align shapes bottom bar 
  • feat/MT-873: add dutch to info page
  • fix/MT-439: fix format images spacing, alignment and border

Bug Fixes

  • home: info button not hidden if no logo 
  • feedback: fix new line spacing
  • auth: extar data sent
  • images: fix format images spacing, alignment and border
  • truefalse: remove custom title
  • cookies: add preprod cookie domain


  • auth:
    • initial setup external account auth
    • clear a_t cookie from all domains
  • skillscreen: align shapes bottom bar
  • branding: continue branding coloring
  • search: search multiple videos inside video & text formats
  • yesno: answer format logic
  • diesel: disable logout
  • question:
    • scale with content and refactor 
    • global question styling
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