Release 1.44 (2020-01-02)


Pull Requests

  • feat/MT-494: Add Sentry event to failed local storage or cookie access
  • feat/MT-496: migrate localstorage values to cookies 
  • feat/MT-521: True of false name of the question formats, change it to: True Fact? 
  • feat/add-manager-role-and-refactor-USER_ROLES 
  • feat/path-color 
  • feat/remove-duplication 
  • fix/MT-511: Path with multiple videos in Search 

Bug Fixes

  • avatarimagecrop:
    • fix tests 
    • add styles 
    • refactor unit tests 
    • fix styles 
    • fix avatar UI and reset croper memory 
  • overlay: add unsafe tag to componentWillReceiveProps 
  • home: sso users wont see toast install 
  • search: include only the first video of every module 
  • trueorfalse: change title back to old text 


  • avatarimagecrop: supports image croping in app 
  • pathscreen: path color 
  • Roles: add manager role and refactor USER_ROLES 
  • trueorfalse: change ENG title to "True fact?" 
  • webstorage: migrate localstorage values to cookies 
  • languageprovider: have cookie support validation 
  • styles: remove duplication 
  • cookiesupport:
    • report cookie prohibition to Sentry 
    • add env filter 
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