Release 1.39 (2019-10-10)


Bug Fixes

  • crumbs: fix paddign bottom for ios
  • formatscreen:
    • change the star svg
    • show step title for multiple choice and swipe types
    • react ref error
  • multipleimagechoice: fix icon center
  • manifest:
    • adds 512x512 variant required to pwa
    • app not going fullscreen
  • formats: question texts missing
  • nativevideo: fulscreen closing error
  • skillscreen:
    • shapes going to bottom screen
    • skill loading when fails
    • center circle finish label
  • colors: hex codes breaking on old browsers 
  • onboarding screen: remove app string from dutch top text 
  • root: change to 500px
  • videoformat: fix youtube video resolution sclaling


  • $$: adds recaptcha key to process env
  • nativevideo: onboarding video replaced
  • settings:
    • order account slug by name
    • sorting only when needed
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