Release 1.40 (2019-10-29)


Bug Fixes

  • nativevideo:
    • add play() as a promise to be handled
    • add catch for promise
  • middleware: update error handling
  • swipeformat:
    • fast clicking pushing undefined to object
    • ios bug, preview, height fixed for now
  • bug: testing the MS-1 link 
  • formatscreen:
    • avoid duplicate submitions
    • fix visualization of the titles of a step
  • preview: change error text
  • feedback:
    • fix non-processed text line breaks
    • line wrap and unit tests
  • topic:
    • fix multiple bouncing topics for test users
    • fix bouncing topics with non-users
  • app: replace deprecated methods and comments
  • splashscreen:
    • fix splash screen flashes
    • fix first page load splashscreen
  • linting: fix linting errors


  • preview:
    • preview user routing limitations and structure
    • auth token management
    • flow of previewer finished, needs to be integrated
    • api integration
    • exit preview button, restructed and documentation
  • test: adds cypress
  • login:
    • adds E2E user validation to invalidate recpatcha
    • enables no-recaptcha login 
  • splashscreen: add a splash screen per learning path
  • pathscreen: make skill touchable area bigger
  • topic: add bounce effect to new topics
  • animatedpath: set skill node container pointer as cursor
  • formatscreen:
    • replace for a more readable algorithm
    • check for answer submitions instead of filter
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