Partena (File Based Integration)


What can be expected?

  • The user registration via FTP will register every new user, and update any existing user in MobieTrain, based on information coming from Partena.
  • Every 24 hours, this sync process is run.
  • The users will receive an email to finish the registration. They will have to click the button in the email, and define their password to finish the registration.
  • The users will have to log in via MobieTrain, to access the app.

How Does It Work?

  1. MobieTrain creates a folder in an FTP server, so that the client is able to upload CSV files with the users’ information. The credentials are sent to the client:

    Protocol: SFTP Host: User: client-user Password: client-password

  2. The client can then start to leave the CSV Users file in the folder.

  3. Every day, the update process is run at 4:00 UTC.

  4. Any new user will be registered, and they will receive an email to finish their registration.

  5. Any data change in existing users will be updated.

  6. If a contract end date of an employee is sent, the user will be deleted on processing. Only if the date is on or before today. Users with contract dates in the future will not be deleted.

  7. After the file is processed, both the original file and an additional file with a list of results (both in CSV format), are sent to a processed folder, so that they can be checked for errors.

What are the dependencies?

  • If any errors occur in this integration, the employee data should be corrected in the client’s source system and placed in the FTP folder again. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor and correct any errors.

  • The CSV files have to be comma (,) separated, encoded as UTF-8, and without a header line. User groups need to be seperated by a semicolon (;).

  • The CSV should always fall the format and field order stipulated.

    Partena CSV User Registration Structure.csv

What do we need from the client?

  • The client should instruct Partena, and pass the FTP credentials, to activate the file placement to sync users.
  • Before going live, a test file with a few users should be left in the FTP server, in order to be processed and check if the process goes through.

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