CrewPlanner (JWT Link)


What can be expected?

  • Employees will be able to be redirected from CrewPlanner, directly to the MobieTrain app, already logged in, through a link in their account.

  • Client’s employees will have to go to the MobieTrain App only through CrewPlanner, since the link in CrewPlanner contains all the user’s authentication information that allows him to use the MobieTrain app.

  • Employees will not be able to log in directly into the MobieTrain app. They will always have to go through CrewPlanner.

How does it work?

  • In CrewPlanner, the client has to select MobieTrain from the integrations marketplace. Then they can just input the account identifier - given by MobieTrain - hit save, and it’s enabled.

  • Once the client has made the connection with MobieTrain, the employees will be notified of new training courses via a red bullet in the top right of their profile picture.

  • When selecting the profile picture, the employee will find MobieTrain in the menu:

    CrewPlanner 1.png

  • Once the employee clicks on the MobieTrain button, he’ll be redirected to the MobieTrain App. The first time they access MobieTrain, they will be asked to select the language and accept the Terms and Conditions.

    CrewPlanner 2.png

  • Once completed, the employee will be able to access any available training.

What do we need from the client?

  1. We need to know the client slug (subdomain). This is subdomain of the CrewPlanner's environment: https://{client_slug}

What does the client needs from us?

  1. We need to provide the Account ID to the client, to be inserted in the integration activation.


  • Can an inactive employee in CrewPlanner have access to the MobieTrain App?
    Inactive users in CrewPlanner will still have access to Mobietrain, whether or not they have access to playable content depends on how playable content is shown to users within Mobietrain, based on the User Groups.

  • Is it possible to control who has access to the MobieTrain app in CrewPlanner?
    All users of a CrewPlanner account with an active connection to Mobietrain will have access to Mobietrain within their profile dropdown. Whether a user will have playable content depends on the set up in Mobietrain. A client can create a specific department in which a few users will have access to playable content. They will then have to define what content is available in Mobietrain for that department.

  • When a user is inactive in CrewPlanner, is he removed from the MobieTrain App?
    No. When a user is inactive, he will still exist in MobieTrain, with all his progress.

  • When a user is deleted from CrewPlanner, is he removed from the MobieTrain App?
    No. At this point the user is only removed from CrewPlanner. However, he can be manually deleted in the MobieTrain CMS.

  • Can a CrewPlanner user access the MobieTrain app without going through CrewPlanner
    No. The link in CrewPlanner contains the authentication information of the user, that allows him to use the MobieTrain app in the right account.

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