User Management - An introduction


We understand that employees change jobs at quite a high tempo nowadays. Hence you don't want to add every new employee manually to MobieTrain in order to give them access to their onboarding training content.

Fortunately, you don't have to. Neither do you need to track all employees changing positions within your company or leaving. You can fully automate to:

  • create a new user in MobieTrain whenever a new employee is added in your HR, payroll or other software system.
  • update an existing user in MobieTrain whenever that person e.g. switches jobs, stores, departments or any other change occurs in his or her user data.

How? Well, MobieTrain integrates with various software system that you might already use to store employee information in, such as:

  • Crewplanner
  • Microsoft Azure AD
  • SD Worx
  • SpeakApp
  • Any software that can integrate based on files

By setting up one of these standard integrations, the employee data can flow from one of the software systems above to MobieTrain.

Curious to find out which employee data can be stored in MobieTrain? View this article.

Rather setup the integration right away? You can find out how in this article.

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