# Release Notes for The Community Chat


# Release Notes for The Community Chat

## Version 0.1

This functionality allows all users to chat with each other in the MobieTrain app.


### Where to find the chat

You can find the chat functionality in the Community section. This section consists out of the newsfeed and the chat. When clicking the chat, you'll see your chat history.





### How to create a chat

Everyone is able to start a new one-on-one or a group chat. Users can be selected by typing their name and/or selecting them from the list.


mobile (1).gif

Can't you find a colleague to chat with in the list? That means that this person has not logged in into MobieTrain yet. Users are only searchable after they have logged in in the App after the chat functionality has been turned on.

### Avatars & online presence

The profile picture of the user's MobieTrain account shows as an avatar in the chat. 

When a user is online, this is indicated with a green dot on his or her avatar.

For group chats, your account logo will be used.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 20.06.26.png

### Chatting

Chats are in real time, including that you can see when a colleague is typing a message and timestamps are added to the messages.

Emoji's can be used freely 🥳


mobile (2).gif


### Thank you for choosing MobieTrain! We hope this Community Chat will provide an even more enriching and personalized learning experience for your users. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Happy Learning!

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