The Community Chat


What is it?

The community is your go to place for communication. It consists out of:

  • A general newsfeed section to share top-down corporate news
  • A chat function where every user of your MobieTrain account can talk to each other

Consider the latter as a basic WhatsApp functionality within the MobieTrain application!

Why did we build it?

We heard that clients are often using a lot of different tools to communicate with their employees. Unfortunately it often has the opposite effect. Employees don’t know where to refer to anymore for information when in their flow of work. They are receiving so many notifications of different tools - even on their private social media – that the actual message is not coming through anymore.

When should you use it?

The general newsfeed can be used for top-down corporate news for HQ. Your employees will always see these posts first when they open the MobieTrain community.

The chat functionality is perfect for the day-to-day operational communication. Start group chat with smaller teams based on their location, function or other criteria. Employees can also check who’s online and then easily get in touch with a colleague individually to ask for help or tips!

Eager to get see these new feature on your platform?

This feature can be toggled on by your Customer Success Manager. Please get in touch in order to start using the community chat!
Check out how it works here.

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