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## Version 1


What is it?

As a client, you want your users to come back to the MobieTrain platform and boost the user’s engagement. The bi-weekly mail is an automated email to take away the burden for you as a client to remind their users manually on, for example, new activities, new courses, users’ performance on the platform, start a competition effect between the users, etc…


So to take this burden away, a digest will be sent every 2 weeks, so that users will receive a personalized email including 6 blocks of information.

  1. Newly released learning paths
  2. Time spent on the application, compared to the overall companies’ performance.
  3. Performance, score-based, compared to the overall companies’ performance.
  4. An inspirational quote
  5. The most played learning path
  6. Call to action to login


Why did we build it?

User engagement/usage is an important metric to evaluate the success of a platform. That’s why increasing engagement numbers will have a positive overall impact.

One of the ways to increase these numbers is by sending a type of notification to the end-users without creating a lot of extra work for the client admins.

A few use cases were taken into consideration to have the most impact on user engagement when developing this feature:

  • Inform on changes. Showing users that the product is dynamic, and things are continuously changing in the application.
  • Progress Tracking: Notifications can update users on their own progress.
  • Motivation and Recognition: Notifications can be used to celebrate achievements or to boost the completion effect between users.
  • Reminders: Remind users to get back to our product if they are not using it anymore.

The focus was to have the most effect on increasing user engagement, which is communication with users outside our platform who have registered before.

So based on this, the “bi-weekly notification email” was created and it will be sent out Tuesday between 2 and 3 pm to everyone who is registered on our platform and by using an email format, we can include more information in one message, more specific 6 blocks of info

  1. Newly released learning paths
  2. Users' time spent on the application
  3. Users’ performance, score score-based
  4. An inspirational quote
  5. The most played learning path
  6. Call to action to login




When should you use it?

This feature will be standard activated, so speak with your customer success managers in case this should not be the case.


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