User Authentication – Setting up your Single Sign On integration


What is it?

Managing users and passwords can be a really time consuming hassle. MobieTrains want to help you to spend your time wisely and therefore found a way to automate this hassle for you by:

  • Automatically signing in your employees into the MobieTrain App with existing credentials
  • Keeping your employees signed into the MobieTrain App
  • Automatically creating users in your MobieTrain account
  • Automatically updating users in your MobieTrain account

This can all be automated at once, within one and the same integration! Curious on how to set this up? Read on and we’ll swiftly guide you through it.


What are the steps to set this up?

If you want to setup a Single Sign On integration as described in this article, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your internal IT department.
  2. Share this documentation with them.
  3. Select the data that you want to have available in MobieTrain.
  4. Contact your MobieTrain Customer Success Manager.
  5. Follow up that both your IT department and MobieTrain have done the necessary configuration on their end.
  6. Test it out!

Step 1: Involve IT

As things will get more technical now, you will definitely need an IT savvy person to help you out! Who do you need? Well, to automate this process, MobieTrain connects to your employee system, such as a payroll system or an identity management tool. Did you find the expert on the tool you need to connect MobieTrain to? Get him or her in the loop!

Step 2: Let’s get into the details

We assume you’d like to know what you’re setting up, so the image below shows exactly what happens in this integration.

Schematic overview SSO integration.png

This process can be implemented with applications such as:

Please select, together with your IT department, the one you want to implement in the list above and read through the documentation.

Step 3: Select the data that you need

As the diagram above shows, this integration will create and update users in your MobieTrain account. You will be able to also send through data to segment your employee on, such as the region the employees works in, their job title, and any other specifications. 

To know which data can and should be saved in MobieTrain, please refer to this article.

Step 4 & 5: Setting things up

The setup guide will explain the configuration that your IT department needs to make. However, MobieTrain might also need to make some small configurations to make this integration work for you. Please involve your Customer Success Manager in order to get this done!

Step 6: Test it out!

Don’t forget to test out (together with IT) if the integration is working as expected. You don’t want your end-users to be blocked from logging in!

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