User Authentication - An introduction


Introducing a new tool within your organization means another password to remember for your employees, right? Not necessarily. We can ensure that your employees login to MobieTrain with the same credentials they use for their laptop or other software. This is called the Single Sign On functionality.

What are the benefits of this functionality?

  • Your employees need to remember only one password for multiple apps, so less risk of them losing it and not being able to login anymore.
  • It is more secure, as passwords are managed centrally across apps and multiple layers of authentication can be setup.
  • Employee’s access to MobieTrain is centralized in another application, so you don’t need to manually enter and delete users in MobieTrain when they come in or go out of service!

In summary: less hassle for you and your employees, yet more security.

To automate this, MobieTrain connects to your employee system, such as:

  • Microsoft Azure AD & Entra
  • SD Worx
  • Crewplanner
  • And many other applications as well!

To find out how to implement this integration, read more here.

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