Integrate and automate – An overview of the standard integrations for MobieTrain


To support a seamless learning experience for you and your employees, MobieTrain provides a number of standard integrations. We'll explain the options and benefits of these automations for you and your employees below. Click one of the items to learn more.

Topic Description Supported tools

User authentication

Your employees login to MobieTrain via another tool or with their most used credentials.
User management Users in MobieTrain are created and updated automatically, based on information of your internal employee system.
User deletion Users in MobieTrain are deleted automatically, based on a trigger that you define
Reporting/ BI You receive MobieTrain data to analyze learning insights of your employees
  • API
  • CSV
External learning content An employee can view learning content that was created in another platform


Could not find the integration or automation you are looking for? At MobieTrain, we are continuously learning and improving. Therefore there is an option to request a new, custom integration as well. Read more about that procedure here.


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