Customizable Profile


What is it?

Users should be in control of their own data! That's why we are giving them the ability to change their email address and password. Whether they've switched email providers or want to strengthen login credentials, these options ensure their online presence remains both accessible and protected.


Why did we build it ?

Particularly during pre-boarding, onboarding or interim periods, employees often don't possess a work email yet.

That and many other reasons is why we offer the convenience of changing their credentials after the registration process. When a user decides to use another e-mail address to login, he does not lose his valuable MobieTrain progress. This flexibility empowers users to adapt their login information to their evolving needs, enhancing their experience on our platform.

 This approach gives your end-users the freedom to decide how they log in.


How does it work?

Users can go to their profile and change their email address, add a password if they have none or update their existing password. 

You can view here how this works for your users.

Be aware that the e-mail is only changed after the user has clicked the confirmation mail.


When not to use it?

Users cannot do this when:

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