Automatic user deletion - Getting started


What's the scoop in this article?

So, you've decided you want to delete users out of MobieTrain automatically? If you're ready to roll, check out the info below - it's your roadmap to action!

Now, fair warning, what follows is some pretty technical stuff. Feeling a bit lost in translation? You might want to give this article a quick once-over first.

The Lowdown on the Magic 'Remove Users' Button

To make users vanish from MobieTrain, you'll be working your magic with one of these API endpoints:

Is it unclear to you what which ID is or where to retrieve it? Try this endpoint, it will give you an overview of all users within your account.

Getting access to the Endpoint

To unlock the treasure chest of data for a specific account, you'll need a super-secret, ultra-safe API key. That key is your golden ticket to the right data. So, how do you snag one of those keys? Easy peasy - just swing by the MobieTrain CMS and request it. Every MobieTrain customer has their very own account, and that's where you can whip up an API key. Here's the step-by-step guide on how to make that happen. Happy key-generating!

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