Automatic user deletion - An introduction


What is it?

User management can be a real handful, right? High staff turnover, employee data scattered across different systems... Keeping it all fresh and snazzy in MobieTrain can be quite the challenge.

Now, you can always delete users manually in MobieTrain, but who's got time for that, am I right? It's time to automate, and guess what? It's a piece of cake with MobieTrain's standard API.

So, what do you need to make this magic happen? Well, start by answering these burning questions:

  1. When should a user be deleted in MobieTrain? Are you in for an immediate goodbye when someone leaves your company, or do you want to hang onto their data for a few months, maybe for some fancy reporting?
  2. Why should a user be deleted in MobieTrain? Apart from licensing, don't forget about your company's security and privacy policies! At MobieTrain we prefer that if you don't desperately need the user data, delete it!
  3. How do you even know when an employee is out the door? Chances are, there's some central system where the "out-the-door" list is kept.

Once you've got the answers on this, hit up the person in charge of that central system. Explain your grand plan.

Ready to roll?

Once your IT buddy is on board, brace yourself for some nerdy tech questions. Don't fret, though; we've got your back! Just hand over our technical documentation to your IT pal. That should clear things up!

This documentation breaks down the techy stuff, explaining how to make the central HR system communicate with MobieTrain. You'll need to decide and they'll need to program when exactly a user should be deleted in MobieTrain. Say, if you keep the "out-the-door" date in your central system, you can set it up on that very day. Or maybe you'd rather wait three more months post-departure? No problemo, it's your call. Ony remember that data that is not being used, is to be deleted.

But here's the kicker!

When you bid a user adieu in MobieTrain, all their data goes poof! Yep, all those completed learning paths and juicy history, gone for good. No turning back, no mulligans. So, make sure you're really ready to say goodbye!

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